What does the “Threshold Amount” option mean?

The Threshold Amount is the amount below which a payout to you will not be triggered. For example:

A payout period lasts for a month and ends at 11.59:59pm on Sunday night (GMT/UTC), on the third full week of the month.

Your balance is $490, and your threshold is $500.

Your payment will not be made this month (Wednesdays, on the fourth full week of the month), because your balance is below your selected threshold; even if you earn more sales on Monday and Tuesday that bring your balance over the threshold set, because the payment period ends on Sunday night.

Any time your payment threshold is below your balance, you’ll receive a payout on the schedule of your Payment Frequency. For example:

You want to be paid out as soon as your balance is $1000.

You set Payment Frequency to “Weekly” (the most frequent option). You set the Threshold amount to $1000.

Each month, our system will check if you balance is above $1000 on Sunday night at the third full week of the month. If it is, you’ll get a payout on the next Wednesday. If it’s not, no action will be taken, but next month, we’ll make the same check.

Another example:

You only want to be paid every two months (that is, all your earnings for Jan and Feb, regardless of what the balance is).

You set the Payout Frequency to $100 (the minimum).

On the third full week’s Sunday of Feb, we’ll queue your account for payment in the next Payout cycle. So long as the balance is over $100, you’ll be paid out in the next Payout Period.

As payments often come with fees, some people prefer to reduce the payout frequency to reduce the fees. The only way to do that is to is to simply set a higher Payment Amount threshold.