Affiliate payout options

Payout method offers payouts by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), also known as a “wire”. We do not offer cheques or PayPal, sorry.

There is some room for error when setting up EFT payouts, but they are fast (one to two business days). Once an EFT method has been set up, we have found them to be very reliable.

Minimum Payout threshold

We do not make payouts below US$100.

Payout fees

If a transaction is rejected by the intermediary bank, or your bank, they will still deduct the fees before returning the money to us. cannot reimburse these fees. fees

For payout amounts under US$499, we charge US$25. We deduct this amount before we send the money, and it shows on the statement we email you.

For payouts of US$500 or higher, does not charge a fee, and we recommend Affiliates set their threshold to US$500 for this reason.

Intermediary Bank fees

Intermediary Banks take the payment we send, and negotiate its transfer with your bank.The smaller your bank is, the more likely it employs an Intermediary Bank. If one is required, your bank will advise you when you ask them how to receive money sent electronically from another country. Intermediary Banks usually charge US$25 per transaction.This is subtracted from the money as it passes through the bank, and we have no control over this.

Your bank’s fees

Your bank will probably charge a fee to receive money from an international company, usually around US$20. This is subtracted from the sum we send, usually before it is deposited into your account, and we have no control over this.

Payout Frequency processes payments monthly, for all affiliates who qualify to be paid based on their Threshold Amount set.

The payouts frequency  is monthly, as per company policy. You may have several payout accounts set up with GMB and switch between them as you need.

The report for a Payout period of the current month closes at the end of the third full week. e.g.; For March 2024, the closing date would be at Sunday, 24-March-2024, 10am, Amsterdam (GMT+1) time; then, it would be paid out on Wednesday, 10am, Amsterdam (GMT+1) time.

Every time you make a change to your payout account (or add a new one), it must be manually verified by GMBill staff. While this is normally done within 8 business hours, it may cause you to miss a payout if done close to the payout time.

If you have several approved payout accounts registered with GMB, changes between them do not need to be approved by GMB staff, and can be done at your whim.

If a payout is missed (for example, because the Payout Account was not approved yet), your funds will simply be held until the next scheduled pay date. If you are not scheduled for a payout on the next week, you may request a payout on the next date once your payout account has been verified. You will receive an email when your payout account has been verified by GMBill staff. is unable to make a special payout for you if you miss your payout in this situation. sends an email when your payout account has been verified by GMBill staff.

EFT Payout setup staff manually approve new or edited payout accounts to improve the “data hygiene”  – the smallest error can cause a payment to be rejected – while incurring all the fees! We pass any fees from failed payment attempts on to you, unless the error was at our fault, but by checking the data you submit, we can catch many potential errors before they cost anyone any money!

To set up an EFT, log in to your Affiliate account in GMBill.con, navigate to Payment Prefs, and complete this information:

  • Account description: this is used for us to communicate to you, so make it meaningful to you
  • The name the bank account is in (your name, or your company name)
  • The address of the person / company the account is held in
  • The full name of the bank
  • The full address of the branch of your bank, where this account is held
  • The account number
  • Your bank’s SWIFT code
  • If your bank use an Intermediary bank, we need to know the country and SWIFT for it

When you save the details, our staff are notified, and will approve your account with 8 business hours, or contact you if more information is required.