Credit Card Biller Comparison

It’s important to compare credit card billers and merchant account providers offerings. GMBill is made by and made for website producers (others treat us as an afterthought!). offers these standard features that all internet billers offer:

  • Join
  • Cancel
  • Customer Support
  • Weekly payouts
  • Affiliate tracking and reporting
  • Excellent history of 0 security breaches
  • Reliable, trustworthy
  • Tried and tested since 2002

GMB also offers these unique features to Clients and their Customers (none of these are required, they’re options should you wish to implement them):

GMB featureBenefitOther Billers
Allow customers to change CC details Keep members paying for longer.Do not.
Allow customers to un-cancel rebillsProvide opportunities for customers to change their mind.Do not.
Allow customers to cancel direct from client siteKeep your customer’s mindshare as focused as possible. Do not.
Allow customers to change their password from the client siteKeep your customer’s mindshare as focused as possible.Do not.
Allow customers to see some billing info from client siteBuilds trust with customers.Do not.
Client owns customer data (except CC data)Mine this data when and however you want.Do not.
Customers can upgrade and downgrade subscriptionsIncrease revenue commitments incrementally.Do not.
Offer coupon codes Track performance of off-line campaigns accurately.Do not.
Advanced cancellation reason tracking and reportingIdentify why customers cancel rebills, use extra opportunity to engage with mini “exit interviews”.Do not.
Business Intelligence reports Intuitively analyse and compare sales and performance against other sites.Do not.
Interactive form validationInline, interactive, and fun join pages, increasing trust and engagementDo not.
Fixed subscriptions are not requiredPass GMB the price to bill this customer – it does not have to be does not offer
Abandoned join managementIncrease joins by interacting (or using automatic systems) with customers who tried to join but failed or changed their mind.Do not
Cascade to other billers if GMB failsIncrease the chance of make a sale to this customer.Do not
In-site reactivation, customer remains logged in and can access a subset of content.Personalised marketing after lapsing, reduces hurdles for impulsive buying.Do not.
Completely style-able join pagesKeep your customer’s mindshare as focused as possible, and build does not allow
Easy extraction of sales data for reportingMake quick and accurate analysisComplicated, if available at all
Simple and powerful tools to locate and help customersDesigned for efficient, fast, and easy customer support by webmastersAre not
Extract list of email addresses for marketing in two clicksMarket you your own customers, directlyComplicated, if available at all
Dozens of customizable email templatesCommunicate with customers using your in-house style, increasing trust, throughout their lifecycle.Many messages not customizable.
Buy widgets or subscriptionsSell subs and widgets concurrently, no need to integrate with two service providers.Setup required
Buy credit to be spent on digital goods (eg, pay-per-scene)Appeal to customers with less to spend, but a desire to buy.Complicated, if available at all
Calculate local sales tax (as applicable to website); detailed sales tax recordsReduces risk of being audited by local authorities.Do not.
Personable, helpful, engaged Customer SupportSatisfied customers. Ask your customers about their experience!