Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts for Websites

GMBill assists online merchants to obtain a merchant account and credit card processing. Merchants who wish to conduct e-commerce business online need a merchant account to receive credit card payments. Merchants also use GMBill for affiliate marketing, helping merchants to track, monitor, attribute commissions and payout commission earned by an affiliate or marketer. GMBill provides access management used with subscription or paysites, granting customers access to content, goods and services.


Customers who have purchased from a merchant using GMBill can look up their account to change credit card details or cancel their subscription.

  • Update credit card details
  • Check status of account
  • Cancel recurring subscriptions

Account Lookup Cancel Subscriptions

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GMBill can assist merchants with

  • Application for low and high risk merchant accounts in the US and EU
  • Advise on the likely merchant service fee for a merchant’s business type
  • Credit card processing and direct debit for the US and EU
  • Affiliate marketing services

How to Process Payments Online

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates of merchants using GMBill can manage their account by logging in below.

  • Review conversion ratio and commissions
  • Create new link codes for new promotion methods
  • Update banking details for commission payout

Manage Affiliate Account

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