What do I need to know when I am switching from CCBill to GMBill?

If the merchant site you promote is changing from CCBill to GMBill, there is some key information to take note of to ensure a smooth transition, and that all due sales are credited to you during the changeover process.

This information is separate from the registration process; a process largely handled and driven by the merchant making the transition.

Equivalent terminology

Familiar with CCBill terminology already? It’s mostly the same for us; we’ve listed the key differences below:

GMBill term CCBill term
Customer (Consumer)
Anyone who purchases something on a GMBill merchant site. An affiliate’s goal is to convert traffic into customers.
Subaccount (Subaccount)
Same word, very different usage. On CCBill Subaccounts belong to merchants; from an affiliate’s perspective subaccounts in effect distinguish between different programs. For GMBill, a subaccount is a division of an affiliateaccount. See the FAQ entry on GMBill subaccounts more info.
Merchant (Client/Sponsor/Merchant)
In different contexts, CCBill will use the terms ‘client’, ‘sponsor’, and ‘merchant’ to refer to commercial sites that employ their billing services, to which affiliates direct their traffic in return for commission on any resultant sales. At GMBill, we stick to ‘merchant’. See the FAQ entry on GMBill merchants more info.
Summary (Reports)
When managing your affiliate account in CCBill, ‘reports’ is where you find detailed statistics on your promotional efforts. In GMBill, the equivalent menu is ‘Summary’. More info on how to use the Summary menu can be found in the ‘Help Documentation’ menu, when logged into your GMBill affiliate account.

Merging links

Most likely, even after you switch to GMBill, there will be a period of time where you’ll need to ensure your affiliate cookie for both GMBill and CCBill is set on the traffic you refer. To achieve this, you will need to merge your GMBill and CCBill affiliate links. Worry not! We have a special tool to help you do just that:


Enter your old CCBill and new GMBill affiliate links into the corresponding forms (be sure no spaces are copied in, and the links are 100% accurate), then click Create. Below, in the Combined URL form your new, combined CCBill and GMBill affiliate link will appear. Do not edit this link! even the slightest change could render it inoperable. GMBill provides this tool to be helpful, but strongly recommend you test the link thoroughly to ensure both affiliate cookies are being set; we do not guarantee the efficacy of this link combiner.