Why can’t GMBill.com charge my card?

Sorry about that.

GMBill.com partners with several German and Dutch banks who are reliable, stable, robust and secure. When GMB receives an instruction from you to bill your card, GMBill’s bank contacts the bank that issued your credit card, and asks for their permission to make the charge.

Your issuing bank chooses to approve or deny our request. Typically they approve, but if your credit card account is over-limit they will deny our request. But they will also deny our request if they perceive the risk to be high. Every bank sets their own risk levels, and some banks perceive high risk transactions to come from Europe (typically, these are American banks).

Please contact your credit card company (use the phone number on the back of the card), and ask them to allow charges from us via our German and Dutch merchant banks – they should be able to look at recent attempts to charge your card, and see the line items from GMBill.com being rejected. They will also be able to see the reason for rejection (usually, some sort of over-sensitive security protection).

You can let the operator know the charge from the billing company GMBill.com is all good, and – if you wish – to allow charges from GMB in the future (or you might have to call them up again!). They are unlikely to ask about the nature of the charge, but if they do, you might wish to say it’s simply for “digital goods”.

Typically, this involves short hold times (if at all), and just a few minutes of talking on the phone. Worth a try!

Any changes they make will only apply from then on, so you need to attempt to join again after the change is made (or, if this is for a rebill, re-add your credit card details to let us know to try again).

(If you have a credit card with a different bank that you can use, that may also work; it’s also possible-but-unlikely a different card with the same bank will work)