What does “Exceeds frequency limit” mean?

Customers in the EU may see the “Exceeds frequency limit” error message when we attempt a rebill.

It is up to your bank to decide what their tolerance is for allowing rebilling transactions like this. For example;

A bank may decide that every third rebill needs to be verified by the customer.

Another bank may decide that any transaction over the value of US$35 must be verified by the customer.

You can ask your bank to always authorise transactions from us, if you prefer.

This is part of Visa and Mastercard’s SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) program, created in an effort to reduce fraud. You may see this referred to as “3D Secure” or “Visa Secure” or similar at your bank.

Logging in to GMB Admin will allow you to trigger the rebill at a time that suits you, and complete the authentication step. You may need to take action in a smartphone app or online bank portal to approve the payment.

Once the charge has been made successfully, your access is reinstated from today’s date, and you will have access for the duration of the period your subscription is for. Time you did not have access to the website is not charged.