What is an ‘auth key’?

An auth key (short for ‘authentication key’), is a special code that is used to create and define GMBill Affiliate subaccounts. It will be allocated to you by the merchant you’re promoting. The following info is encoded within the auth key:

  • How much revshare you get for each sale made with any sub-account created from the auth key (be it a flat commission, or a percentage of the sale).
  • Whether or not rebills are paid.
  • The affiliate link destination URL options.
  • The website the subaccount is associated with.
  • Whether customers following the resulting affiliate links are entitled to use nominated coupons.

The precise powers and specifications of an auth key are set by the GMBill merchant site that created it, as per your agreement with them. Specific queries or requests regarding the configuration of your auth keys should be directed to the merchant site you’re promoting.

If your auth key is encoded with only one destination URL, that is where all traffic that follows your affiliate link will go. Alternately, if your auth key enables multiple destination URLs (e.g. different tour pages), you will be offered a drop-down selection box to choose the URL you want your traffic to go to in the subaccount settings (accessible via the ‘subaccount’ menu in the navigation sidebar when logged into your GMBill affiliate account). Finally, if your auth key permits custom destinations, there will be a form in the subaccount settings pane, allowing you to nominate your own destination URL for each sub-account your create with that auth key. If you don’t know which auth key to use for your method of promotion, the best course of action is to contact the merchant you’re promoting.