What is a ‘subaccount’?

Subaccounts are the key to tracking traffic. A subaccount is a subdivision of your main affiliate account with GMBill, dedicated to a particular website, governed by rules defined by the auth key that created it. Each subaccount has a corresponding affiliate link, traffic that follows this affiliate link to the designated merchant site will be recorded under the statistics for the subaccount from which it was taken (including sales credited). You must have at least one subaccount for each merchant you promote, though you may have more according to your needs.

To make a new sub-account, log into your GMBill affiliate account, and click on the subaccount menu item. Select an appropriate auth key listed there, give it a name, and click save: a new sub account is generated. Note – If you use the wrong auth key to create a subaccount, you may be disqualified by the merchant for improper promotion. If you don’t know which auth key to use for your method of promotion, the best course of action is to contact the merchant you’re promoting.