How secure is all this? BV implement best practices in security standards.

The biggest risk is a customer selecting an insecure password – we require reasonably secure passwords when joining, but they can still be cracked. We always recommend long, complicated passwords with lower and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and other special characters.

Some example secure passwords (do not use these!):


Of course, these are impossible to remember, so we also recommend the use of Password Managers, such as LastPass (a browser plugin) or KeePass (an application on your computer). These make password management easy (you only have to remember one master password), and help you make all your internet accesses secure. They’re free for personal use.

Security steps we take on

We use HTTPS for all pages on (secure hypertext transfer protocol), a well-established method of ensuring communications are encrypted. This prevents eavesdropping and tampering with information between us and you.

When we receive information you provide, we use 256 bit encryption of your information from when you enter it, to where it is stored in our database.

Access to our administration areas (for example, to administer users) is password protected, plus a custom SSL certificate is required.

Our Systems Administrator works to keep our servers up to date, using the latest most-stable versions of software (for example, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Memcached), and we use an inherently stable platform of Amazon Web Services (“AWS”).

Credit card details are securely stored in a digital “vault” held by a third party PCI-DSS certified specialist. does not store your full card number but instead uses a token to communicate to the vault when charges are made against your card.

As you join, or look up your account info on, you’ll see a small padlock icon in the address bar of your web browser. Double click on that for additional security information.

gmb secure

ABOVE: GMB site screen capture, showing security certificate. Click for full size image.

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