How do I cancel my rebills, or check my account status?

To stop your account from rebilling (sometimes referred to as “recurring” billing; see below for further explanation) or to check your account’s status, you need to go to our Account Lookup page.

You will need to log in with the same username and password as you use to access the site you paid for access to.

This info is in the email we sent you when we first joined – consider doing an email search for messages from “”.

When you enter that info on the account info page, you will be able to:

  • Cancel any future rebills
  • Update your credit card information
  • Check the status of your account
  • Change your password if you have forgotten it
  • See when you are due to be rebilled
  • Change your listed email address
  • Upgrade your account to a higher access level (if the site you have subscribed to has this option)

Note: You must cancel at least two days before the rebill date to avoid being charged again.