What does the “Request Payout” checkbox do?

Despite your settings for Payment Frequency and Threshold Amount, you may wish with withdraw your earnings sooner just this one time.

Checking the “Request payout” box and clicking “Update” will queue your payment for the next Payout period – the date shown on the page is the date the Payout Period ends (a Sunday). Payment will be actually made to your selected payout Account (assuming it’s status is Approved) if the payout amount is $100 or greater on the following Wednesday, and you’ll receive an email notification of this.

Subsequent payouts will be controlled by the Payout Frequency and Threshold Amount – this is a one-time thing and does not change your preferences otherwise.

You may choose to request Payout whenever you wish (so long as the balance is over $100), but that can be boring, so we offer the automated options as well.